Vehicle Wraps


Boat Wraps


As wrapping vehicles and boats has grown in popularity so have Prism's skills and expertise. Whether you're looking to wrap a van for your company, change the color of your car, or refresh your boat, wrapping is cost-saving alternative to paint or traditional advertising.

Commercially, vehicle wraps have a substantially lower cost per impression than any other type of advertising. Averaging 8.4 million impressions annually, vehicle wraps cost only $0.77 per impression, while a 1/2 page newspaper ad costs about $22.95 for each impression. If you are looking to form a positive brand impression and grow your business, a vehicle wrap can be an essential key in your marketing plan.

For personal projects, a wrap can save you thousands of dollars. With an 8-10 year lifespan, your wrap can give your vehicle or boat a new shine that is easily repaired and easy on your checkbook. 

We can wrap fiberglass and aluminum hulls, as vinyl will adhere to most rigid smooth surfaces. Vinyl wrap material is designed to last 8-10 years on vertically exposed surfaces (hulls and sides) and 5-7 years on horizontal surfaces (flybridges and roofs). If your wrap gets damaged, the vinyl can be patched and the repair will only show a small splice. In some cases, we will replace an entire panel if the damage is extensive.