Do you do more than vinyl graphics?
Yes, we do! We can produce everything from vinyl signage to monument signs to vehicles graphics to apparel. If you want to see if we offer a product you are interested in, just ask!

Are your products covered under warranty?
Yes, everything we produce has a minimum 5 year warranty.

How does installation work? Can I install my graphics myself?
We offer professional installation in the Puget Sound Area for a fee based on location and design specifications. If you are located out of the area, we can set you up with an installer local to you. You are also more than welcome to install your own graphics. We will supply you with instructions and an application tool.

Can you do the design work for me?
Yes, we can! We have full-time graphic designers on staff who can and will listen to your ideas and make them a reality.

What if I have my own design?
We are happy to produce designs you already have. Depending on the format you supply us, there may be some set-up charges involved to make it compatible with our software and equipment. To make the artwork easiest for us to set up, we ask that you outline all strokes and convert all text to outlines/curves.

Can you give me suggestions on what would be the best signage for my needs?
Yes, we are happy to work with you in finding the best solution for your needs.

How does a boat wrap work?
Before the wrap process begins, the surface of the boat must be clean, grease and wax-free. If you have an oxidized fiberglass hull, it is a good idea to polish it first to ensure a long-lasting wrap. Wraps normally take 2-5 days to be completed and boats must be hauled out or on a trailer to be wrapped. The material is opaque and designed to cover up differences. You will, however, see imperfections and texture in the surface through the vinyl. We recommend sanding and smoothing any imperfections on the hull you'd like to cover up before beginning the wrap. After your boat is wrapped, it is recommended to clean and wax regularly to ensure the longest lifespan. Salt water does not effect the wrap's longevity.