Good Golly.jpg

Featured Install: Good Golly

Our featured install this month went through a huge restoration process.

Good Golly has been the name that has been with the boat for, what we understand to be, as long as recorded. Dorothee wanted to keep the name out of respect for the boat and because she thought it was a joyful and unique name.

This boat is a 1939 Ash Bridge, so Dorothee decided to restore it to its former glory! After stripping off the old varnish, re-painting the sides, and re-staining the transom; she called us to put the name on. Our designer Marilyn came up with this fun design that Dorothee thought really reflected the joyfulness of the name. After we applied the new name, she re-varnished over the entire transom.

This was our favorite install from last month! We hope you enjoyed their story!


Let Prism Graphics wrap your boat!

It’s a wrap! It’s officially 2019! Why not make your boat look like new to reflect a fresh new year?

Wrapping your boat is a really effective way to change things up. We can do a full color change or even cover the hull in a printed graphic. The boat above would have been around $25,000 to paint. We did this full color change wrap for only $2,500 before tax. What a crazy difference.

Another good thing about wrapping your boat, is if you change your mind and want the old color back, you can do so. We can remove the wrap and it will not damage the original paint. Some people wrap their boat to protect the paint. Then if you want to sell the boat later, it will still look completely new!

These wraps last 8-10 years on average and can be easily repaired by us if damaged.

We recommend wrapping your boat on the off season when you aren’t using it! So…NOW! Let us help you make your boat look like new again!


Xanadu: More than just a boat name

When you are proud of the boat you own, you want to flaunt that it is yours.

Xanadu is a great example of a boat that has a proud owner. Above you can see that the owner, Jeff, really decked out his life with Xanadu accessories! Jeff even got extra cups and hats made to give to friends that board his boat!

As you can see, he started with the three-dimensional name and hailing port. Then we got mats made to put in front of the etch marked doors. He then asked us for embroidered apparel and hats. We did jackets, athletic shirts, polo shirts, and more! Lastly, we did the Yeti mugs with a big X on one side and Xanadu on the other.

We want you to show pride for your boat! Give us a call for more information on how to use your boat’s artwork to it’s full potential!