Featured Install: Global Diving

Our featured install this month has been in business for 40 years in West Seattle! We were proud to do their new vehicles.

We recently installed two new vehicles for our Client Global Diving. We have been doing business with them since 2017 but this year they are celebrating their 40 year anniversary of being in business, so we wanted to highlight them!

“Global is a leader in the marine services industry with decades of experience managing complex, critical and technical projects in and around the water. Global’s highly trained and experienced people offer the best in safe, reliable marine construction, commercial diving, marine casualty response, and environmental services—even in the most challenging environments. No job is too difficult or deep. “

Pictured above is the truck that we did last month! Yes, it was on one of the snowy days that we had, haha. The picture that you seen in your email is the large trailer that we did during the same week.

Go check out Global Diving on Facebook and give them a like!


Indoor Office Signage

Indoor office signage is an important type of signage that is consistently overlooked when you are sprucing up your office space.

Sprucing up your office is not something that many corporate workers consider when they need new signage, because they are thinking about the entrance to the office or store first. Thinking of the customer first is always a plus, but you also have to consider your employees and yourself. When you are working in a space every day that has plain walls, you can feel very underwhelmed with your working environment and it will feel less like somewhere that you want to return.

I would also consider the following:

  • Indoor signage can be worked on any time of year because there is no weather restrictions.

  • It will give your space a fresh and inviting look.

  • It is more affordable to decorate the walls then you would expect. The picture above is a multi color print that we installed for them for just a few hundred dollars.

  • We can help you create a custom design. You don’t have to have the artwork before you come to us.


Dimensional & Backlit Lettering

Dimensional and back lit names are taking boat names to a whole new level!

A lot of boat owners are beginning to choose the more luxurious route for their boat name design, and that is getting stainless steel lettering. We can add colored lighting as well if you choose. This is a more expensive way to do a boat name, but it can be worth it to add class and worth to your boat.

To some it may seem extravagant, but to others it looks professional and clean. Another plus to having a dimensional name, is that it lasts a very long time as long as you polish them and take care of them. Our manufacturer of stainless steel lettering has a Lifetime Guarantee. You will never have to get another boat name again, and it can transfer to a new boat if you get one.

Getting the name back lit is another addition you can add. We have many colors of lights, and we even have lights that can change colors.

If you are at all interested in dimensional lettering, give us a call and we can talk to you more about it.