How can I use signage to create a successful event?

With New Years right around the corner, parties and events will start flooding everyone's calendars. Organizing an event can be a hectic experience that leave even the best professionals overwhelmed and stressed. Whether it’s a business conference, trade show, party, or convention, you know managing a big event presents challenges from beginning to end. So where do you start? We’ve gathered a comprehensive checklist of signs for events to get you on the right track. Make sure to include these in your initial planning, and avoid any unnecessary surprises.


Signage solutions designed to keep all attendees organized and safe throughout the event.

  • Restroom Signs: Don’t forget the basics. These highly recognizable signs will help attendees locate a restroom for regular use or an emergency.

  • Parking Signs: Essential in an unfamiliar environment, these signs direct vehicles where to go upon arrival and prevent confusion and potential accidents.

  • ADA Signs: Required by federal law, addressing these sign requirements will keep your event safe for every person in attendance, prevent potential legal trouble, and enhance your event’s reputation.

Wayfinding: Signage solutions designed to help attendees safely and efficiently get from one place to another 

  • Digital Kiosks: An updated take on the handheld map, these interactive guides provide attendees with a more detailed directory.

  • Directional Signage: A traditional guide to your destination, these simply marked signs provide a quick reference for attendees on the go.

  • Room ID Signs: Basic but distinctive, these signs clearly identify room names and numbers for attendees in an unfamiliar building.

Stage: Signage solutions designed to present a professional and visually striking face to the entire event audience

  • Podium Graphics: An event staple, a podium can be given a creative facelift with easy-to-install graphics, decals, or wraps that extend your event branding and present a professional look.

  • Stage Graphics: These graphics, like a backdrop banner, are capable of transforming your stage from a standard structure into an impressive and engaging display.

While these aren’t the only signs you’ll need to execute a great event, they’re a good place to start. So take your time, make sure you’re prepared for any situation, and commit to making your next event as safe, convenient and entertaining as possible.